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MS Windows may seem like it is your only choice, but you do have options.  Such as Mac OS X (a UNIX based system), or the choice of one of the many variations of Linux. We have tested both CentOS, which is a derivative of Red Hat, and is more for business users, but then there is ubuntu, which was initially released in October 2004.


At DeWitt Hoopes, LLC, we have had great success with ubuntu, and offer personalized service.


Currently, we have a select few customers that we service, and operate on word-of-mouth for our specialized services.





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Ubuntu is a Linux distro that we recommend because it is easy to use, configure, and it resembles an
Apple Mac in some degree.

Outlined are some key factors why you should use Ubuntu to replace Windows XP or other versions of

  • Ubuntu Operating System: Free updates, no costly hardware to replace, like printers or other peripheral devices.


  • Comprehensive software updates: When you want to keep your computer up-to-date with the latest security and applications, Ubuntu does this better than either MS Windows, and with just one click, your system is updated, including third party applications. With Mac and windows you have to go to individual applications to get Java, Flash, Office, etc. updated, which is time consuming.


  • Integrated app store: While iPhone, iPad and Android have some free apps, and paid apps, Ubuntu Software Center are virtually all open source and free of charge.

  • Internet is more responsive, and not as slow, and can be three times faster.

  • Viruses, malware, and other security risks do not affect Linux in general compared to the literally thousands of attacks that Windows is hit with constantly.


  • Your total Cost of Ownership (TCO) on Ubuntu is virtually zero (0), because you don't have to purchase all the expensive software and security that you have to in a Windows or Mac system. Ubuntu comes with much of what you need, and if you do need other software, Ubuntu Software Centre has it right at your fingertips.


  • Free office software (LibreOffice), which is fully compatible with MS Office, totally FREE!!  LibreOffice comes bundled with all installations of ubuntu Linux, and no worries about whether your old MS Office, or World Perfect files will open or not, because LibreOffice is totally backward compatible.


  • Ubuntu and Apple share a similar software in relation to Unix, and therefore it is easier to share files and your iPhone, and iPad devices on ubuntu.  We support both Apple and ubuntu, so we have you covered.

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